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Citrus Orange Degreaser Cleaner

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Product Description

Citrus Orange Degreaser Cleaner

All biodegradable formula - Contains all natural citrus extracts - Noncorrosive and safe for all metal surfaces - Multipurpose - Strong, clean, citrus odor


An amazing all natural citrus extract solvent degreaser deodorizer which is designed for a multitude of industrial and institutional cleaning, degreasing and deodorizing applications. Micro-micellular technology is used to blend Dextro-limonene and other premium citrus extracts with mixed lonic emulsifiers to yield a product with the highest theoretical cleaning ability and maximum emulsification properties.



• The strength of a petroleum product in an environmentally safe formula.

• Contains no hazardous ingredients as defined by OSHA regulations.

• May be used on any type of ferrous or non-ferrous metals including aluminum, copper,

and brass.

• Used for parts washing, grease trap cleaning, sewer plant cleaning and deodorizing,

dissolving tar and many other applications.

• Cleans without petroleum odors and leaves a pleasant citrus scent.


General Purpose Cleaning: (Kitchen counters, floors, bathrooms). Dilute 2 ozs. of Orange Cleaner-Degreaser

with 1 gal. water, adjust concentration depending on desired task.


All-Purpose Degreasing: (Concrete floors, grills, hoods, machinery). Spray or sponge on, allow to stand 2-4 min. before rinsing with clear water.

Rug & Upholstery Spot Removal:To remove oil and grease, pour Orange Cleaner-Degreaser on sponge or

cloth and apply to soiled area. Blot soiled area with sponge or cloth. If spot remains, repeat process. To

remove chewing gum, blot Orange Cleaner-Degreaser on gum & let stand 2 min. Use a tongue depressor or

dull edge of knife to scrape off. It is always best to test Orange Cleaner-Degreaser on an inconspicuous area before applying.


Citrus-Scented Odor Control:


Space Spray - Spray mist into air to help control malodors.


Surface Spray - Spray to lightly wet source of malodor.


Tile & Tub Cleaning:Sponge, mop or brush on surface. Let stand 2-3 min., agitate and rinse with clear water.


Drain Line Maintainer:Orange Cleaner-Degreaser deodorizes and liquefies grease and scum which cause clogging. Add 3-4 ozs. to each drain and let stand 5-10 min., then flush with hot water for 2 min.


Drain Declogging: For drains stopped due to grease accumulations, pour 4 ozs. of concentrate directly into drain. Allow to stand 10 min., wash down with hot water. If not completely cleared, repeat. Same procedure is used for bathroom sinks and tubs.


Shower & Tub Soap Scum Removal:Ideal for removing soap film incrustation on walls of shower and tub. Apply with sponge, allow to stand 1-2 min. Agitate, if necessary, and rinse off.


Pet Odor Control. For indoor use, dilute 1 oz. of Orange Cleaner-Degreaser with 1 gal. cold water. Apply through a sprayer to odor source.


For outdoor use, dilute 2 ozs. of Orange Cleaner-Degreaser with 1 gal. cold water and follow same procedure. Do not use directly on pets. Remove Stains from Natural Fiber Clothing:To remove oil, grease and food stains from clothing, pour Orange Cleaner-Degreaser on cloth and apply to soiled area. Wash with detergent as usual. If spot remains, repeat process. Always test on an inconspicuous area of clothing before applying.


Grease Traps: For traps under 20 ft. capacity, pour or pump 5 ozs. daily into grease trap. For larger traps add

8-10 ozs. daily.


Engine & Motor Degreasing:Brush or spray concentrate on surface to be cleaned. Allow 3-5 min. to soak in. Rinse with hot water or steam off.


Tire Mark Removal:Apply with mop, sprayer, or brush. Allow to stand 1-2 minutes. For best results agitate the area while Orange Cleaner-Degreaser is penetrating. Hose off with water and squeegee or vacuum dry.


Tar & Asphalt Removal:To emulsify tar, asphalt, bitumen and asphalt based plastic cement apply undiluted to the soiled surface by spraying, moping or pouring. Allow to stand 2-4 minutes for deep penetration, agitate

if necessary. Rinse with water preferably under pressure.


Bumper Sticker & Decal Removal:Pour Orange Cleaner-Degreaser on cloth and apply to area being cleaned. Rub until adhesive is removed.


Garbage Trucks & Dumpster Cleaning-Degreasing:Mix 1 gal. of Orange Cleaner-Degreaser to 20 gal. of warm water. Spray solution on surface to be cleaned or degreased. Let stand for 2-3 min. If necessary, agitate with a brush, then hose off with water.


Remove Stains from Concrete:Remove oil stains from concrete driveways: pour or spray Orange Cleaner-Degreaser directly on stain. Allow 3-5 min. to dissolve stain, rinse off.


Try Orange Cleaner-Degreaser on scuff marks, kitchen grease, rubber cement, crayon marks, spray adhesive, putty, duplicator ink, asphalt, fresh paint waxes and creosote.





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