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Rock Salt Shortage Winter 2014-2015

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Here we go, we're already getting reports of a rock salt shortage for the winter of 2014-2015. Reports are coming in from Ohio, Pennslvania and other states. Townships are getting no bids, or bids in the 40% - 150% higher than normal price range for rock salt. 

We offer a bulk ice melt product here which is concentrated. We don't have an exact, scientific study but it appears that it may be a cost effective solution to rock salt. No, it isn't brine, it is Ice Attack Ice Melt. It does not corrode roads and sidewalks, it is environmentally friendly, it is concentrated, so you do not need nearly as much of it as you would rock salt. Pound for pound it is not nearly as cheap as rock salt but it is a very interesting alternative. Companies such as industrial plants switched to ice melt long ago, isn't it time that more municipalities give it a look? 

How the rock salt shortage affects us throughout the rest of this year and into 2015 remains yet to be seen. We just hope it does not look like this: