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Rock Salt Alternative – Ice Melt

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Any corporation or municipality with a large paved area, sidewalks, or private roads that need to be maintained should be weighing out the benefits of Ice Melt. At this point it is cost effective to switch over from rock salt. Trucks can spread ice melt the same way they have, and shakers are great for applying ice melt products to sidewalks.

Our ice melt solution is available in bulk. It contains potassium chloride, calcium chloride, and urea. This is makes it environmentally friendly and not harmful to vegetation like rock salt is. It is also a great alternative to rock salt because it is non corrosive. It also attracts moisture where rock salt does not. The Northeastern US can benefit from this alternative as it is effective to -12F instead of rock salt which is only good to 15F. That is a whole 27 degrees. Finally, you only need a fraction of the product as ice melt melts as much as 9 times the snow and ice as rock salt.

If you would like to know why everyone is switching to ice melt give us a call today or please visit our product page Ice Attack Ice and Snow Melt.