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Bulk Ice Melt Virginia & Washington DC

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A better solution to melt ice and snow is our Ice Attack Ice Melter product. It is better and more cost effective than rock salt.

Looking for bulk ice melt in Virginia or Washington DC? We are located just down the street in Raleigh have travelled through these areas 100 times. The roads there can get extremely slick, and so can parking lots, sidewalks, and more. Corporate campuses in Washington DC, Richmond, VA & Roanoke VA use ice melt products. It is also perfect for anyone who would like to stop corrosion of cement, be environmentally friendly, stop killing vegetation, or who would like to avoid contaminating streams.

If you would like to learn more or purchase our bulk ice melt product please visit our product page Ice Attack Ice and Snow Melt.

Recent hard winters have left water quality experts in these areas keeping a close eye on water runoff. The salt and chemicals used in brine make their way into the water supply in many areas. Lawmakers in some states are even trying to ban the use of rock salt. Please see the entire list of benefits on our Ice Attack page.