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Bulk Ice Melt in Ohio

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Halloween 2014, Ohio got a trick instead of a treat and below freezing temperatures are already here. The entire 2014 – 2015 winter has been predicted to be very cold. Rock salt is in short supply and high demand. Many people are switching over to ice melt. Ice melt is a much better solution than rock salt, especially for businesses that have large paved areas or areas with cement, or are in parts of Ohio where temperatures get cold enough to make rock salt useless.

If you are in Ohio and need ice melt in bulk please visit this page: Ice Attack Ice and Snow Melt.

Our Ice Attack product is far superior to rock salt and melts as much as 9 times the snow and ice that rock salt does. It also does not corrode cement, destroy vegetation, or harm mammals. It is an environmentally friendly and green solution. Rock salt prices are out of control. There is no price gouging going on with out ice melt though, and when it is sold out, it is sold out.

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Our ice melt products are currently available in bulk and by the skid. Quantity discounts are available so call today before it is all gone. Companies using ice melt are in Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Dayton, Lancaster, and all parts of Ohio. If you need to clear ice from sidewalks, parking lots, or even roads and highways in a safe and efficient manner then you need to take a look at our products.