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Bulk Ice Melt New Hampshire

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As of November 2014 we have plenty of ice melt in stock. It is important to order your ice melt early as, at least for the 2014-2015 winter season, we are expecting very cold temperatures and a shortage of rock salt and ice melt. Due to extremely high demand our ice melt product is only being sold in bulk. Call today to get quantity pricing on bulk ice melt and having it shipped to your NH location via freight. 1- 16 skids can fit on a trailer. For more information either call us or visit our product page Ice Attack Ice and Snow Melt.

Ice melt is very popular in New Hampshire due to the ineffectiveness of rock salt at temperatures below 15 degrees. The coldest months in New Hampshire are January and February where the average high is 29 and 33 respectively. Of course, it gets a LOT colder on cold nights or at higher elevations.

For bulk orders, freight shipping is often a little cheaper to businesses located near Interstate 93 or 89, or major cities such as Manchester or Concord, however pricing is still reasonable for the entire state. People are using ice melt in sll parts of the state including Franklin and Nashua.

A huge list of benefits of using ice melt is on our Ice Attack page. It is eco friendly, biodegradable, non corrosive, safe for vegetation and animals, and so much more.If you are looking for bulk or quantity ice melter or snow melter please give us a call. This is a cost effective solution that will melt snow and ice and remove moisture from sidewalks, parking lots, and roads.