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Ice Melt for Concrete Parking Decks

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When researching ice and snow removal you will discover that rock salt corrodes and destroys both cement and metal. Of course, this is not an option for parking decks. Meet Ice Attack ice melt.

Not all ice melting products are created equally. Our Ice Attack product is a potassium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium chloride and urea product that is non-corrosive and environmentally friendly. If you have a concrete parking deck that you need to keep ice off of please contact us today for more information on a bulk discount on Ice Attack and to see if it will work with your specific application.

Bulk Ice Melt Virginia & Washington DC

A better solution to melt ice and snow is our Ice Attack Ice Melter product. It is better and more cost effective than rock salt. Looking for bulk ice melt in Virginia or Washington DC? We are located just down the street in Raleigh have travelled through these areas 100 times. The roads there can get extremely slick, and so can [...]

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Bulk Ice Melt New Hampshire

As of November 2014 we have plenty of ice melt in stock. It is important to order your ice melt early as, at least for the 2014-2015 winter season, we are expecting very cold temperatures and a shortage of rock salt and ice melt. Due to extremely high demand our ice melt product is only being sold in bulk. [...]

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Pennsylvania Bulk Ice Melt and Snow Melt

Ice Melt and Snow melt is a popular item to be sold in bulk in Pennsylvania. We have 2,750lb skids ready to ship right now. Each skid consists of 50lb bags. Get 1 – 16 skids shipped via freight. If you would like to purchase our bulk ice melt product please visit our product page Ice Attack Ice and [...]

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Bulk Ice Melt in Michigan

If you are looking for bulk ice melt in Michigan, you have come to the right place. We have 2,750lb skids ready to ship right now. Each skid consists of 50lb bags. Get 1 – 16 skids shipped via freight before it is sold out. If the winter is as harsh as they are saying that it is going to [...]

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Rock Salt Alternative – Ice Melt

Any corporation or municipality with a large paved area, sidewalks, or private roads that need to be maintained should be weighing out the benefits of Ice Melt. At this point it is cost effective to switch over from rock salt. Trucks can spread ice melt the same way they have, and shakers are great for applying ice melt products [...]

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Bulk Ice Melt in Ohio

Halloween 2014, Ohio got a trick instead of a treat and below freezing temperatures are already here. The entire 2014 – 2015 winter has been predicted to be very cold. Rock salt is in short supply and high demand. Many people are switching over to ice melt. Ice melt is a much better solution than rock salt, especially for [...]

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Indiana Ice Melt Products – Available in bulk

October 31, 2014 Indiana will be experiencing the first frost of the season. The 2014 – 2015 Winter is expected to be a cold one, and the cold is coming very early this year. Ice melt products and rock salt are in extremely high demand and we are expecting a shortage of both this year. With rock salt prices [...]

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Bulk Ice Melt New York

Looking for Bulk Ice Melt in New York? Capital Maintenance Supply has you covered. We send bulk ice melt all over NY, including Upstate NY such as cities like Syracuse, Albany, Rochester, Watertown, and Buffalo. Why is Ice Melt popular in Upstate New York? Our ice melt products works well below freezing when rock salt [...]

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North Carolina Ice Melt

We are based in Raleigh North Carolina and sell ice melt products. If you live in North Carolina, you know how a little snow or ice can bring everything to a screeching halt. Our most popular product is Ice Attack. This product is available in bulk and ships via freight. It is significantly better than rock salt or brine. [...]

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